Wheatgrass Powder


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100% Certified Organic Wheatgrass Powder You get it all Now!

Convenience and Nutrition!

$20 for pickup, $25 all orders shipped In the Continental United States.

A single serving (2 table spoons) of our wheatgrass has 17 Amino acids, 13 Vitamins, 10 Minerals, Rich in Fiber, Chlorophyll, Complex Carbohydrates, and over 100 types of Enzymes. This is the equivalent of 1.25 lbs. of choice organic vegetables.

Our cold-dried organic wheatgrass is gluten-Free.

The following are the ten most popular reasons you should add wheatgrass to your diet:

It is a nutrient factory containing protein, complex carbohydrates,
vitamins, minerals, and more than 80 enzymes.

2. RICH IN CHLOROPHYLL. Chlorophyll is a great internal detoxifier 
as well as a good support for better oxygenation of cells.

Rich in vitamin C, as well as the enzyme Super oxide Dismutase (SOD), a highly potent neutralizer of very harmful free radical toxins.

A glycol-protein in wheatgrass called P4D1 has been found to stimulate the repair of damaged DNA.

5. HELPS PREVENT & REVERSE CANCER formation. Studies show that 
chlorophyll can inhibit the activity of certain cancer-causing 
agents, as well as, protect the body from the effects of carcinogens.

6. ASSISTS IN WOUND HEALING. Dr. Benjamin Gurskin Surgeon, 
recommends Wheatgrass, for its antiseptic effect on wounds. It helps deal 
with certain bacteria and neutralizes the foul odor of certain wounds as well as hasten healing.

7. KING OF ALKALINE FOODS Wheatgrass is great at helping balance the pH of the body by neutralizing acidity.

Dr. Kubota of Tokyo found two glycol-proteins (D1G1 & P4D1), which work, alongside SOD to promote a potent anti-inflammatory effect. Dr. K says that these proteins together with SOD are more potent than aspirin.

 Abscisic acid is a plant hormone that causes the immune system to 
recognize cancer cells and kills them. It also helps prevent cancer 
cells from invading the body and metastasize.

Dr. Charles Schnabel discovered that 15 pounds of “Organic Wheatgrass” is 
equivalent to 300 pounds of choicest vegetables.

Our Wheatgrass:

*** Increase Energy & Vitality

*** Maintains Body pH Balance

*** Rich in Vitamins-Minerals-Amino Acids-Fiber

*** Energizes and Detoxifies the Body

*** Anti-aging – Cell Rejuvenation

*** Supports Blood Production & Circulation

*** Increases Mental Clarity

*** Strengthens the Immune System

*** Compatible with Raw Food and Vegan Diets

Wheatgrass is known as the “KING OF ALKALINE FOODS”.

Our wheatgrass is Organic!

With our wheatgrass, you don’t have to hassle yourself
with planting the wheatgrass and juicing it every morning. And you don’t need expensive juicers and no mess to clean up after. 

With our wheatgrass, you can take your wheatgrass anywhere and take it any time with a glass of water without sacrificing the quality of your wheatgrass

In fact, the taste is preferred over freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice and you’re not sacrificing the nutritional value.

*** NOTE: When wheatgrass is grown it chemically changes in a way that does not adversely affect people with wheat allergies. It may affect 1 of a million so as with any herb use wisdom. I would use a very small dose if there were any question first to see if you have a negative reaction.

* A raw food lifestyle is 80% or greater daily consumption of raw Orgonic locally grown foods.