Urine Good to know good to use – Just don’t let anyone know!

It is very important to understand your body because it is your Spirit and Soul support while you are here.

Some people say – Hey I’m gonna die when I die and I’ll be dead so I am not really concerned about all that health stuff.

Even so how about this prospective – would you like to have the best quality of life between now and then?

If so know your pee, your poop, your saliva, sweat, all of it because it will indicate the level of your health before you need serious intervention

“Most” of the time.


About RawManRaines

David Martin Raines - Born May 1956 in Tampa Florida went to Southern CA in 1972 via his thumb not knowing he was running away from himself.
Fast forward life to now, looking back having cancer twice ending in Hospice Care both times and a bad string of jobs, relationships and all the other things life can sometimes hold is a better person than ever, like you doing the best he can to learn and grow into being a better person today than yesterday and yesteryear too…

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