Sprouting Seeds 300% More Nutrition!

Sprouting Seeds the Mother of all Super Foods!
Sprouts start out packed with a shocking amount of dense Nutrition just like a Cute little Baby in the Womb this kind of speed in growth takes massive dense nutrition.
However, most of us do not recognize that less is more in volume and the specific combination of the ingredients is what causes massive growth not the quantity! There are many things that prove this. Wheatgrass is 98% water and the largest animals on the planet live full healthy and happy lives with the majority of their intake is grass only!
Interesting side note – All Human Beings are 99% exactly the same! Yes, it is only 1% that makes each unique and special one of a kind!
3% of the water on the entire planet is drinkable and most of it is frozen!
Yahweh is showing us that He has everything under control and all we need to do is In~Joy His creation by Loving Him, ourselves and Others! Just think if we did that everyone’s load would be very light as everyone would being living to lovingly help others! This is what He created and it is available to us all right here right now!
So this description of Sprouts is meant to show You that by consuming them You need LESS and get more Energy, Life, and Happiness, by dining in God’s Farmacy!

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