Food, Drink, Diet ? What colour?

My Fantastical Hebrew Roots Teaching Tour with Rico Cortes and the Ron and Ailyanna Humphrey and Bart Azzarelli 2010
My Fantastical Hebrew Roots Teaching Tour with Rico Cortes, Ron and Ailyanna Humphreys, Bart Azzarelli in 2010 along with 40 other simply lovely Human Beings! 


Lifestyle is what I have as opposed to diet, as most of us change the colour of our diet all too often!

Many sell many things, and health to most is a mystery, simply because there is little money to be made in the simple truth.

Here is my opinion from my perception and personal experience. I know there are many exceptions to the rules but for me I am not looking for the exceptions, for if they want me they will find me, and the best way to keep that from happening is to live a life practicing with in the lines of variance the basics, and keeping it simple. Here is where I start ~

The Foundation:                                                                                                                                                                                                             Our body is a filter with a design so complex, well forget about it! I am not here to become a scientist and Bless those here who are! I just want to possess health keep it, live my life and it not be out of balance with food. The universe was designed to make the dirt work so the chain of it; the seeds, plants, and food would support the body to live and regenerate it self for ever. Then sin entered in, and our years were almost 1,000 years and have declined to 80-120. I am not concerned about how long I am going to live as I have no way of knowing that. However I am concerned with the quality of my life between now and then. And if I never see another doctor or hospital I will be VERY glad!!!

I am going to use a metaphor here; Our body is a size 6 micron filter that intakes things at a right spinning circle or angle (DNA)  and all of the food Yahweh Created  fits and Preforms, Perfectly! Also please note that anytime I am speaking about health and/or food I am speaking of Spirit, soul and body for we eat our thoughts, feelings, emotions and food. These determine our state of health and consciousness together and are NEVER separate they are together and in concert with one another at all times, as I am one so are they. 

Man made chemicals and other foodstuffs are all bigger than the 6 microns, and simply clog the filter hence requiring it to be cleansed regularly if not it attempts to purge itself when there is no other options. IE: colds, flus,  to other dis~eases and “so called cancers”. Man made stuff also spins the opposite way of Yahweh’s and not by chance is this so. Yahweh’s design and manufacturing process are far to deep and expansive for us to do anything with except for what we are doing. So the very first thing I did was three days of high enema’s once per day, at the end of the first week I lost 30 pounds of waste weight! (I was about 121 lbs @ 6′ 1″ before that loss!) The goal is to return my body to the Original Manufacturers Design!

I do this by cleansing as I shared and eating from His Garden not the worlds of which is 99% chemical.

Side trail #1 / Take so called cancer and all the Billions of dollars spent year after year with only a 3% at best recovery rate. They scare you into doing it their way, and do not tell you they would not do it themselves for they know 97% of the time it fails. They also do not tell you that it most often reoccurs in the 6th or 7th years because they tell the public if you are free for 5 years you are considered cured. Also look at all the other diseases every year for too many years they sing the same old song! “We are this close!” Or We are so close we just need some more money for more research.” Yet there is no “Cure” because the questions and assumptions are wrong to begin with.

All the answers are in the patterns, cycles, and seasons and all fruit comes in due season!

So what is the answer to health? First off everyone has the cells from birth that the doctors have named cancer cells so they are not there by mistake we are not all born with cancer are we? I know in nature composting is a part of the natural design. I also know that these cells naturally multiply when the immune system or a major enough part of it falls beyond a certain point according to the individuals strength of constitution they begin to multiply and begin the composting process, normal and natural by intentional design. I also know that if one restores their immuno chain before they get past that invisible line of no return these same cells die as natural a death as they had in birth!

So the answer to dis~ease is simply returning my body to a state of optimum health and incorporating that as my lifestyle not blindly following the industrial complex that only cares about profits and the speediest of the greediest do not have a clue they are destroying their very own children’s future or they just don’t care. Be the cause of the conditions of health by simply cleansing the insides and then only consuming raw organics and you will get the consequences of health physically unless you have unforgiveness, bitterness, rage, a spirit of murder and the like, you will not get well.

In the same way if you add forgiveness and love exclusively in your though life, your words and the issues of your life will be the results/fruit.

bAcK to F00d ~ In our Bible Yahweh on the third day created the first food for His creation, GRASSES lots and lots of them! Did you know that the Palm tree is in the Grass Family! Anyway grass covers most of the earth and is the first thing most animals go to when they feel ill except us we go to MacDeaths because we are born and raised just like the cattle we eat.

Side Trail # 2 ~ Think about it we are: On the broad stroke, not the exception or the remnant, follow the masses to our immature deaths by simply buying from big agriculture.  Yes or Yes? So 90% of Americans are on the SADD LIFESTYLE which is the Standard American Deathbed Diet lifestyle. (I upgraded the SAD Diet cause it didn’t make sense as the Standard American Diet Diet!) and it is a lot more accurate from my viewpoint.

Back to the food ~ So how did I get well? I got rid of anger by forgiving and surrendering 100% to Yahweh, as a manifestation of that act, I was drawn to go to Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach where I drank 2 ounces of fresh dirt grown wheatgrass twice a day and then had a raw organic breakfast (I also got a buckwheat cereal that was low temp cooked because I was severely underweight.)  Yahweh says in His Word He will not be mocked ~ “As a man sows so shall he reap.” Consider this if you will. Thought is the largest thing in the entire Universe and at the same time the smallest tinniest measurable thing in the Universe! Because it is simply an impulse but it is electromagnetic therefore it draws and repels according to its electromagnetic structure. So you see food is simple you eat it, smile while slowly savoring the flavor and texture and smell, and you get to do it 6, 7 or 10 times a day! What a wonderful thing! Now as far as the thinking thing goes we must guard our thought diligently and vigilantly for each singular thought accrues with the ones before and after causing the issues of our lives. So it is an automated system just like the body and the plant and the dirt, the sky all the same design by the same Designer! Wonderful thoughts in Wonderful life out the choice is ours for the making! And what does our Bible say? The “Exact Same Thing!” Love Yahweh your Father with your all  not according to some list of do’s or don’ts (*Though there is a list to grow by…) mine or his or theirs YOURS! Because you can only love Him with your all to begin with for you cannot give that which you do not possess. You see Yahweh put that love that is inside us there and it is the exact same love He has for Himself! Selah! (74 times in the Bible and it means PAUSE and PONDER…) Then He commands/instructs us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Why? Simply because He wants our capacity to love ourselves grow so that we may love Him and others more for Love is the most fantastic and AWESOME experience in the whole of existence inside or out of the dimensions we are now constrained by. So when I meet a person and we like one another that is great, however when we meet and do not like one another for ANY REASON the results are the same and depend on how we act based on our thinking. Now if we act in rememberace of the command to love our enemies who are our neighbors if they are in front of us or some how under our authority and we love them treating them as we’d want to be treated we have to CONTROL OURSELVES NOT THEM!!! For in order to control ourselves we have to die to what we think or feel we want to do and love them instead! When we do this our very CAPACITY to love GROWS and this is the Entire Point! So as a Man thinks so is he in his heart and out of the heart the mouth speaks and also out of the heart spring the issues of our lives! SO you see that each and every thought we choose to think is supplanted into our hearts and we talk about them and if we then choose to take them captive instead of throwing them out for some other ones (Not necessarily better ones!) they become manifest in our lives.         In this exact same way all that we think causes the very magnetism of a person this is why vile people propel wonderful happy people away from them and likewise do wonderful happy people mores draw others to them – Like attracts like and opposites repel. It is really all this simple – So learn in all that you do to LOVE YOURSELF and treat yourself well in all that you think, say and do and you will be a happier and healthier you!

NOTE: As I said about being under weight I ate specifically Black Kalamata Olives, Raw Walnuts, Almonds, Pecans and Brazil nuts, and Avocados to gain my weight back.  (Easy on the nuts a handful (OK 2) a day! I ate one or 2 Avocados a day and also a handful of the olives, OK maybe two!

In closing for now I want to thank you from my Heart of Hearts for spending time with me, I love you and I do it for free for our Father supplies all my needs, I know I will sell and be blessed according to His perfect plan for me, and I hope and pray for you to become more like Yeshua our Messiah from moment to moment as we walk together in the days ahead towards our final destination ! In His loving arms of joy forever and ever!

Also please remember if you have a batch of bad thoughts you can cast them down and replace them in an instant and without notice, simply hit the “TRASH” button! We have a word in english which to me is THEE LARGEST word of words and the most LIBERATING too! It is a word that kills the whole idea of punishment or right or wrong or good or bad! What is it? PRACTICE ~ PRACTICE ~PRACTICE!!! For we all have a conscience unless we kill it with life choices which is possible. Our conscience tells us what to and not to do when we listen to it. In this order therefore I read the Words of Yahweh as a regular practice, which is cleaning my own house and keeping it in order. iIn concert with Prayer and Meditation I am trusting Him for the results as I have done the footwork. For when I keep my house clean by filling it with the true bread of Life reading His Words then and only then am I truly trusting Him which is the byproduct of my faith in Him. When I pray I am Helping others for anytime I am being good to myself I am helping others and I pray for myself and You too! Yes YOU!!! I pray for every living being on the planet for why would I leave anyone out!!?! 

So in cleaning my own house first, is trusting Yahweh, and this empowers me to help others. However, if I am not cleaning my own house I am not trusting Him and therefore have nothing to offer others! So thank Yahweh for His grace and trust Him in your life and eat out of His garden not mans, Spirit, soul and body and as we practice this to the best of our ability we will grow in strength, confidence, and soundness of mind! For He has not given us a spirit of fear (False Evidence Appearing Real!) but a Spirit of Power, and of Love and a Sound Mind in Yeshua Messiah!

In Loving Shalom



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David Martin Raines - Born May 1956 in Tampa Florida went to Southern CA in 1972 via his thumb not knowing he was running away from himself.
Fast forward life to now, looking back having cancer twice ending in Hospice Care both times and a bad string of jobs, relationships and all the other things life can sometimes hold is a better person than ever, like you doing the best he can to learn and grow into being a better person today than yesterday and yesteryear too…

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