Spiritual Life

Our Spirits are perfect as they were created in Yahweh’s Dimensionless Kingdom before the foundation of the World/Universe.

When we fell from grace in our sin and were put out of the Garden everyone born had this tainted Spirit, as well as a tainted soul and body.

As we grow unto maturity to make our own decisions we then are in control in a manner of speaking to what is then to now coloring our Spirit, soul and body.

It is important that we begin to understand our Souls so that we can begin to become open to the elements that enable us to consciously and intentionally make the changes that cause effectual changes in our lives to beneficially affect others in the same manner in terms of having the highest quality of life one can obtain.

Our Spirits are rooted in Dimensionlessness and this is what we are moving towards day by day. This is why it is important to pay attention to our Spirit because the body is going to pass and the soul and Spirit are not they too are dimensionlessness.

As we go I am going to record some specific things that I have had revelations of on DVD’s so you may better understand the Spirit, soul, body connection.


SOLUTIONS ~ I am sharing this for a multitude of reasons – I was in Hospice Care twice as most of you know. The American cancer society is a trillion dollar a year industry with a hidden agenda being they say you are cured if you make it 5 years staying in remission.

They don’t tell you it NORMALLY comes back in the 6th and 7th years. You don’t have to believe me just look around and take note, ask questions of friends and family that have had chemo and radiation at all. The reality is they have a 97% fail rate but they are money driven and this is why they said what they did at the end of the video.

Hiding in plain sight is what they are because no one can regulate or question them, YET. The walls are getting thinner and the more people that get my next two statements are apart of the end of this madness.

Remember I went through 3 years of the conventional (Poison) way and it came back way worse and then I was healed with FOOD in four months. OK first statement : 1.There’s a little truth in every lie. There is no lie in the truth. Therefore the most dangerous lie is the one with just enough truth to fool you.

2. Hippocrates said “Let your food be your medicine, let your medicine be your food. Now a question to you the reader. Do you think that our Creator had a plan? Do you believe He created the entire universe just to make the dirt work to the seed to the plant, to make the Human Being work just so He could have a free will relationship with us? I do! And I hope You do too!

If you want to know the rest of this story I invite you to go to about RawMan and I will share with you the rest of my story.

The following is a food based nutrient solution that in my experienced opinion is thee best thing to do along with a good eating lifestyle practice, with a moderate exercise practice majoring in a Spiritual lifestyle practice that works even in the worst of circumstances and includes:

(A) Being Born Again through Yeshua (Because I cannot save myself or anyone else.) If you do not yet accept this please don’t let it keep you from experiencing the complete benefits of this Stewardship of the Human Body LifeStyle Practice.

(B) Practicing the prescribed loving Commandments of the Bible – Love is the Driver and forgiveness is the key – Living an “Others Centered” Lifestyle practice is the Key.

I just want to add here – Please forgive all the Religious people who have intentionally or unintentionally offended you and know that your forgiveness of them sets you free not them, they have to learn just like you and I. I love you as a Human Being.

Because I have been so ill and through so many battles I have used a lot of different things. I do not recommend nor do I offer a lot of things for sale because I must believe in it in order to do that. I almost passed away 5 or 6 times that I am aware of so I do not take your health lightly.

Having said all that I have very recently been given a business literally by a past client of mine that came to me and said have looked at this? As he wanted my opinion. Well after seeing the pictures of what it did for the 18 month old baby boy with second and third degree burns on his face healed completely physically (I am sure he has emotional healing still to do.)

I was sold – I called my friend to ask him about the business and he actually said he’d pay for me to become a Distributor! So I now am a business owner 4 times over now with my other ones as well!

I am going to tell you this so there will hopefully never be a question about this. I am a Net Work Marketer and I love the model of the business because it compensates people well for their efforts. Is there more mark up yes is their more value yes is there more personal care and service yes (As far as it is up to me.)

Are they’re good and bad companies and people? Yes or Yes. The only thing I can do about that is to be on the side of the good.

OK second thing – I will not attempt to pressure you in any way to become a customer or especially a distributor because I am not interested in partnering with anyone that way. You are fully able to make your own informed decisions and I want to encourage you to do just that.

SO here are all of the 4 sites to this company I am marketing for and I am doing it for these primary reasons. (A) Plant Based natural products (B) The feed the

nutrients directly to the Structure of the Mitochondria. Also seeing the results of the Baby and hearing first hand the results of others. And lastly using the products myself and not having a lot of issues – I did have – depression and other issues that were keeping me from living a whole happy life from a physiological point of view.

Please understand I have worked with a lot of terminal people and most of them including my Dear Son Brett Martin Raines could not or would not muster what it took to change their life styles and they are gone. So I was not really interested in working with people anymore because it was very draining and I never got paid to help anyone.

But when I found these products my hope was renewed and now that I am having the results I am, I am on fire to help you!


If you met me you’d probably not see depression in me as I had accepted quite a few things in terms of I may just have to live with these things for the rest of my life as I have become a veteran of a disease war in and on my body. I am HAPPY to share that in 3 weeks I am experiencing a sense of wellness physically and mentally that I have NEVER experienced before and I cannot be more excited, and it is FOOD!!! WoW !!! No one can take that away from us or regulate it YET !

As you can see this first chart show a myriad of symptoms associated with the Mitochondria and these products actually feed it and nourish them back to health and the results? WoW – I cannot wait to hear what they do for you! You see once you feed and nourish the Mitochondria, the Mitochondria is now able to heal the body, it is that simple.

To the degree you are in need of nourishment (This is what causes healing) is the degree in which you use the recipes for like 90 days or more depending on your situation, then you scale down to a maintenance level, it is just that simple. The nutrients go directly to the Structure of the Mitochondria.

Click on Picture to enlarge with clarity.


 Enzacta Glycation 22-min video


And for much more detailed information and videos www.greatesthealthsecret.com


If you are interested in these products just call or send me an email and I will take care of you!

Most of all? I love you, and I pray our Father will lead and guide you according to His Loving Kindness and His riches in Grace and Mercy.
David Martin Raines

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Our Children trust us to take care of them…


The second leading cause of death among our Precious innocent Children ages 5-14, (after accidents), is cancer?  Did you know diabetes in children used to be virtually unknown, a report by the CDC fully expects that 33% of children born after 2000 will have type II diabetes in their lifetime? So Accidents, Cancer and diabetes are big heavy duty topics with lots of contributing causes.  But when are we going to face up to the fact that food and quality nutrition is a huge part of the issue? How many accidents would be avoided if our little ones who depend on us were alive and alert because they eat real food only when they are actually hungry? And even more horrifying, an article in the NY Times indicates that type II diabetes in obese kids progresses more quickly and does not respond as well to treatment than adults with type II diabetes. STOP think about the hour after hour, day after day, sleepless nights, and all the pain and suffering caused by us the parents because we did not have the fortitude our loving, precious and innocent Children depend on us for to protect them from things that we can actually protect them from.

Seriously Friends we need to take a step back and really get angry with ourselves in the most of constructive ways – and CHANGE OUR WAYS NOW!

Our Children you know those little Human Beings that cling or used to cling to your leg and make you smile all day long, yeah them. They need us to parent them and say no to Drugs – most food in the stores are drugs, think about it. Talk about withdrawals – take these away from your child and you’ll need all the fortitude you got… But they will love you for their entire life cause you made life fun by being with, playing with, reading and exercising with and feeding them food that is equal in quality to your love for them!

What is the Solution? It is HARD and it will take WORK and COMMITMENT ~ FOCUS like nobodies business, however at the end of the day it will be entirely worth it and fill you AND your Children with great satisfaction and joy for life!

If you change the way you eat and DO NOT SAY ANYTHING to your children and continue to feed them as you do letting them come to you and say something like hey how come you are eating that or whatever you tell them that you are in need for their forgiveness, and be absolutely QUIET. Then after they say whatever they say no matter what it is you say something like this: I didn’t know I was actually killing you, I had no idea and then when I learned what I did and was doing I knew I couldn’t just come and say OK were changing everything now! Cause you are a person and you have feelings and dreams and desires and fears, and worries and I want you to be in love with yourself and me so I have to let you make your own decisions and I just hope that above all you will find it in your heart to forgive me for what I have not done – which is take care of myself and you in the right way. Second I hope that I can be a living example of what a parent or any Human Being should do when they love themselves. Which is to not cave to peer pressure and think, say or do things that are not good for them, regardless of what others think.

The media are the mules and the people that cause the media to do what they do are the real bullies in America – they are profit bullies and they do not care about you, your lovely precious children either – money money money is the song they sing and you dying and your children too means not a thing.

You see when things are real and things are true the psychology rings true. It goes like this – As I think, I talk, as I walk I show the integrity of my thinking. Now my talk is not always my walk as much as it is a work in progress. You know we think oh wouldn’t that be great and it happens and we see oh that wasn’t so great, and we change via our experience and some are slower learners like me and some are quicker and that’s just life.

So we all do the best we can and in a perfect world we all live and walk a life in our thought life for that is where it all begins of love, forgiveness and patience and compassion encouraging ourselves first and then others as much as we can, because we are all walking towards the end of our lives together, so why hurt one another? Spiritually you know how I feel about that so I’ll leave it at that for now.

Here’s a thought ~ What would our world be like if all our leaders morphed into great parents in the context of this writing? What if we said to the Leaders of our world – Hey if you want war – put on your big boy pants and challenge the one who is in opposition to you and fight him yourself and let us know how that turns out for you. Save all those lives and save all those millions of OUR dollars for love, peace and forgiveness.

I am going to continue this vein of thinking in my next blog and it will be about a greater killer than what I have shared with you and I know you will ALL agree cause it is simply true…

I will leave you with this to CHEW ON…

Yahweh created the entire Universe to make this happen for us!

Yahweh created the entire Universe to make this happen for us!

Looking at this picture imagine your top 3 fav’s and how they taste! The joy they impart to your buds! Now CHEW ON THIS:                                                          What if the quality of our thoughts, words and deeds were the same quality as those totally nutrient filled grown Gods way foods were? What if your Spouse, your Children, and other close loved ones and friends be~came the same…

Happy loving kind compassionate encouraging person, persons, family, community, city, county, region, State…My what a state to live in…

Loving Shalom,

Your before and after forever Friend…