“Politics: “Poli” a Latin word meaning “many”; and “tics” meaning “bloodsucking creatures”.

Faith makes all things possible

This is my political statement and position.

What if the American people are not in fact in control of the Government that is there to serve them? What if the people who are in charge because the Americans are asleep at the wheel and in order (Intentionally in specific order to make an appearance of things that really are not true.) 
to complete the aim of “Owning Human Beings” to do their will.

They allow the terrorist to attack us to cause fear and the “NEED” for protection which is an age old mafia tactic, so we would again think the enemy is not who the enemy really is so that the real enemy could continue to operate with out hinderance. Well this is actually what is happening and you better get it straight IF there is still time. I believe the way it is set up now is like this. There is a button so to speak so that if we to wake up and attempt to take control back of our government that will be tripped for the so called but intentionally orchestrated attack to take place then and there which will distract us all again and we will be powerless to regain any type of control.

All Christians/Jews/Hebrew Roots and Messianic’s  will become enemies of the state, as they will not take the mark, and forced to live underground.

A lot of them will be faced with prison in slave camps as the new government will need streets and all kinds of public works and those workers will be looked upon as chattel. Yes a return to Egypt. Anyone opposed to the new world order will be imprisoned.

This is happening just look at the news – and then act ~ ACT NOW ~ NOW = No Other Way – you is or you isn’t.
I have said and will continue to say that the Dem and Rep is a matter of containment as Noam Chomsky so beautifully stated – but what is any statement of challenge worth if there is not at least a proposed answer. Do not let fear rule you as you have everything to loose if you do. You must act and you must sat now. This is my possible solution which is lawful and peaceful though it is late in the game we need a Hale Mary NOW.