A story about rage, to Forgiveness, to Love!

I was at Hippocrates Health Institute in mid August of 2007 again about 130 up from 121

I was at Hippocrates Health Institute in mid August of 2007 again about 130 up from 121

Cancer in both Kidneys and an 8 cm tumor on my spine the second time in Hospice. 

 The major enemy to my health was learned behavior. I was digging my own grave multiplied with the shovel of unresolved anger and unforgiveness. I was racing myself to the hospital en route to my passing from this life. When it came to nutrition, I was just throwing something down to fill the prison of unresolved feelings. I spent three years in and out of hospitals and ended up left for dead in hospice care in 2002 with cancer in my lymph glands in my left pelvis and armpit with tumors on my Stomach and bowel that kept me from eliminating. This is the manifestation of not letting go of anger! When they gave me the chemo it ate off half of my stomach and put a burn on my arm from my wrist to my elbow and you could see the bone in my arm for 9 months! The oncologist kept telling me I was going to die in a day or two, in a month, a year then each year after I called him to see how he was doing until one year he called me to tell me how his wife was doing asking me to consult with them as she had bone breast cancer. 

Yahweh (God) saved me for such a time as this writing. He showed me a way to make a U-turn from the hospital! I was asked to write my story years ago but I just didn’t know exactly what to say until now. I’m Jewish by birth, was raised as a heathen. I was not parented in any way, much less a Jewish one. Even after I had recovered from being a garbage can street junkie, I still hated who I thought God was because I did not know Him at all. Fortunately, my hate for Him had zero effect on His True Love for me! After 13 years of being clean, I had calmed down a bit and chose to be Born Again and learned a lot about who God really is. Then when I got sick He took me by His divine providence to Hippocrates and they taught me as they have taught others since 1956 (the year I was born) to heal ourselves with changing our belief system ~ Spirit, soul, and body.

I was at Hippocrates for three weeks and three days. I was in such bad shape when I arrived from hospice care and still in Hospice Care that Hippocrates gave me an extra three days, as first three days I missed all of my appointments due to being so sick I could hardly function. I did do cleansing enemas and wheatgrass therapies those first three days and ate 100% raw organic foods without sugar or fruit. Everything tasted horrible! It was like eating bad tasting paper!

I had difficulty walking due to hypertension from the chemo and radiation treatments I underwent the first time I had cancer (which had also put me into hospice care). Within my first week at Hippocrates, with the awesome help of Kevin Kehoe and his loving H~Wave staff, I was walking on my bare feet for the first time since 2001! Now in the experienced and capable hands of the true doctors of health, I was recovering Spirit, soul, and body!

Upon arriving at Hippocrates, I went to see Dr. Brian Clement (The director of HHI with his lovely wife of 30 plus years!). The first thing he said scared the hell out of me! He looked at my x-rays, read my medical history and says to me in an extremely cavalier manner, “You’ll be as good as new in no time! Our guests recover from this condition all the time!” OMG! I am six feet tall; six months earlier I had weighed 180 pounds and at the time I met Brian, I was 130 pounds (I went down to 121 pounds because of waste weight, which Brian told me was going to happen). I was experiencing a constant pain level of 8 to 10 on the 10 scale! The pain is why I had gone to hospice care because the oncologist would not even give me pain medication because I refused to do 3 times chemo as the first time that almost killed me and a bone marrow transplant with a 25% chance of recovery! I was prescribed the heaviest amount of painkillers allowed by law. Going to hospice, I had thought, “Oh crap, once again I’m going to die!” At that time I could not have fathomed that I would feel well after only four months, much less be completely healed in less than ten months. I had a PET and MRI scan done, Feb following my Aug. arrival and it showed just a little of the tumor on my spine that had put me in a wheelchair, and of course out of work, and both of my kidneys were completely clear!

When I mailed Hippocrates the tests showing the cancer had completely gone out of both of my kidneys, Brian told me that it was going to be completely gone on my spine, too. He explained that tumors leave the hard tissue (bone) last, and he was right on all counts. I am so glad that Hippocrates is a non-profit research institute. Part of their Life Transformation Program is that every six months after you attend HHI, you can send in your blood tests and they will advise you—free of charge—of your current condition in contrast with your past tests since the time you arrived at the institute. Will your doctor of “treating symptoms” do that? I think not!

Let’s face it the medical system, in terms of health care sees us as their annuity plan, and it is up to us not to be that but to be well!

Did you know that T. Colin Campbell who co-wrote “The China Study”, said after the study was completed that everything Hippocrates is and has been teaching for over 60 years now according to their research is spot on? Yet the government refuses to replace what is proven to not work for what is? We need to change that so share Hippocrates with everyone you know and save lives and heartache PLEASE!

 My story is unique mostly in that I survived a three year odyssey in and out of the hospitals and the practicing of things known not to work. I was on an IV for 3 months and at one time food and drink was coming out of my back! (A very long story!) I was indeed a real freak show, and when all was said and done? I still had to rehab all my atrophied muscles, and get healthy enough to have a major reconstructive surgery too!  

In Oct of 2012 my 19 yr. old Daughter was diagnosed with cancer and then my Son who was 24 also, 3 weeks later, it too is a long story. My daughter was misdiagnosed and as for my Dear Son Brett well by the time the doctors got done with him it was too late to even use natural remedies. We were estranged for many years. This was due, in part, to my anger, which I deeply regret. Even though I made every attempt to repair things, he would not allow me to see him or speak to him. I finally got a call from him, telling me he loved me and wanted me to come and see him, and I made the trip from Tampa, Florida, to Ontario CA a second time as he wouldn’t see me the first time. I spent the last four days of his life with him, and we made amends. 

Brett’s passing was the horrifying thing I have ever experienced, and it was the first time I wanted to use drugs again in over 37 years. My close relationship with God was the only reason I did not use. The grieving process is equally horrific, and I attended a group program for grieving. Just as Dr. Brian Clément’s experience with health affords him the wisdom to touch others’ lives in a vey effectual way, these new friends of mine who have experienced the depths of grief are coming to the aid of folks like me. It is so awesome that we are all loving and comforting one another, and leading newcomers down roads we have already been down!

My hope in writing this is that others will become more informed about their personal health, and afford their Spirit, soul and body the opportunity to heal itself as its original manufacturer intended. God needs no assistance from us to mess up His Universe with unloving thoughts, words and actions, much less a bastardized food chain.

I want to personally invite you to feel free to contact me if you need a helping hand.