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What a tough and sensitive subject?

And why would I want to address it on this Health site?

Glad you asked!

The reason I am addressing this hot topic is because it is an essential and integral component/element of our Spirit, soul and body’s total health and is just as much a determining factor on the manifestation of our state of health or dis~ease as any other aspect/component because all parts are parts of the whole and directly affect the whole.

Yahweh our Creator and designer created us to procreate and He says in His Word exactly what He wants us to, and not to do, and how He feels about it!

Here’s the major challenge so I will address it right up front, straight up!

One Man was made for One Woman to love and cherish one another and be faithful to protect one another’s hearts, Spirit, soul and body. This is the appropriate and righteous application of sex according to our Creator, Father and First Love!

Of course you are free to disagree this really goes without saying!

However you are not free to argue with me about it in any way shape or form, because this is my understanding and it simply is not up for debate!

Now that, this is out of the way:

Yahweh says that He is Elohim (G0d)  and will not be mocked. That as man sows, so shall he reap. Because I know within myself that this is true I will share with you that in your being if you choose to believe it or not, Yahweh is saying that He is our Father and because He loves us He tells us what to do – Instruction/Torah/Truth/Principle/Dimension all synonyms. The reason for this is that every single thing no matter what it is, when we come into contact with it was see only a glimpse of an aspect of it. Yahweh wants us to come to see that my~way, your~way or their~way is not the way – only His~way or Yahweh is the correct path, this is true simply because He created the path. Everything else is the absence of His presence. So when we follow His loving commands we are blessed, when we don’t He does not curse us. We curse ourselves, because we did not give credence to Who He is much less what He said.

Everything in our Universe moves and adjusts with everything you and I and everyone else “Thinks, says does and/or doesn’t do.

Think about it this way – my intentions are electromagnetic impulses, making them things. All things in our Universe can only move if everything else moves because it is A THING. In other words it has boundaries buy the very nature of the fact that we are contained in these 9 dimensions in which our Universe is made up of. (I will expand on the 9 dimensions in the Spirit tab.)

So when I say to a woman, as a man I love you, in the context of an interpersonal relationship moving toward marriage. It means or is supposed to mean something very special and very unique, as it is not a contract it is a covenant. A covenant is way greater and permanent than a contract, as a contract is just business. A covenant involves our entire being completely.

Our Father says that when I get older I am to leave my Mother and Father and become ONE with “A” woman, my wife. Becoming one means simply having one mind in Yeshua our HaMashiach!

This is the same as we are to become one flesh, this simply means we have an agreement that we love Yahweh first and foremost. The reason I say this is that Yeshua said that when we abide in Him we are one with Him as He is one with Our Father and we are one together.

Also that individually we trust only Yahweh, his Ruach HaKodesh, and Yeshua implicitly, because only they are 100% objective knowing all things inside and outside of this Universe we are contained in and has a specific plan that is much greater than anything we could hope, dream or desire, because He alone is our Creator, and Father Who loves us completely.

The healthy balanced attitude I have towards my spouse is this:

As a Man I am to be 100% for my Wife in everyway. To love, respect, cherish, please, and protect her.

In order to accomplish this I am to follow Yahweh and through my free salvation in Yeshua by the power, comfort an teaching of Yahweh’s Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) I am practicing and continually learning as I become more mature in this practice until I prefect it, meaning I have mastered this ability. It doesn’t mean I will never err. It does however mean they will be for the most part, minimal and very amendable.

In this I value, respect and admire my Wife for her entire beauty, wisdom and value, Spirit, soul and body. These are simply aspects of my love that is unconditional for her. And yes I am even to lay down my life for her. Hence be 100% hers and if need be die defending and protecting her and our family.

This is the entire context of what Yahweh has lovingly commanded me as a Husband to do and how to be in my intentions, all the time. Please always remember we are talking about principles and concepts here that we are instructed to understand as in getting knowledge, wisdom and understanding. And in all our getting to get understanding is emphasized because it is only through understanding and application that they work and all of this is in lifestyle practice not in perfection.

This is a major challenge I have seen with Men. They think they are in charge and are wrong. This type of mentality causes for the most part resentment and rebellion in their spouse as they (Men) are breaking the agreed (Stated clearly or not) covenant of their marriage in that this attitude and action on his part is not respectful or cherishing just to name two.

So Men are supposed to love Yahweh with all that is within them, and to submit not only to their wife with the fear of our Elohim but to all Human Beings.

This is the state or mode that our Father wants us to live in. As it is continual respectful and reverence to Him as we follow Him by our faith.

Women on the other hand have a challenge trusting their husbands through Yahweh. In other words in their total and complete trust for Yah they allow their Husband to make mistakes and work it out in the admonition and leading of our Precious Ruach HaKodesh. This same principle also applies to the Husband in allowing their Wife to also make errs.

For you see “IF” we are wise in fearing Yahweh we are humble. If we are humble we do not judge in a unrighteous way. We must not assume the position of Yahweh at any time unless it is in thinking about how would He do this or handle that with the intent to be a better person in any give situation.

I hope you will get this

Just like everything else principally in our entire lives do these principles exist, and work when applied.

Anytime I want something if I work for it and practice it, in time it will manifest and to the degree of love, cars and attention I directly apply is the coinciding results in that same degree probable.

Because Yahweh loved me from within Himself freely first, so do I love Him in that same way first also.

As I experience more and more I love Him more and more because situations, causing thoughts, feelings, and emotions come affording me the potential to grow in my ability and capacity to love myself more as more flexibility, calls for more self acceptance and esteem as well as more forgiveness, grace, mercy, compassion and the like.

All these things when I submit to them increase in every way my capacity to love myself, my Elohim, and His Ruach as well as my Brothers and Sisters and fellow man.

I do want to point out that the majority of this growth is contingent on my willingness to die to myself and choosing to love rather than to reject others in any and all situations that are not life threatening,

Never are we to get or stay in life threatening positions unless Yahweh clearly commands us to do, like joining the military, or going to an area of town that is full of known risks.

So we have to have conformation of two or more witnesses for this, as it is worthy of this level of attention.

Our Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth) says that if you are married to an unbeliever you are to be such a light to them that they would not be able to resist it and become as you are – Born Again.

It does not mean that you are to stay if you are being physically abused. In that case and I mean the first time to leave. Why the first? Because you are clearly communicating that it is never ever accaptible in anyway, and that you’d love to walk them out of whatever it is that is in them that caused that sickness to occur but that you’d also be clear that if it happened just once again it would be over. I say this because if you were my child I would not want you to do it any other way because I love you and love is not abusive.

Differences of all kinds and types will occur what is most important is how we handle them.

Now referring to emotional abuse, it is a lot like they above and has to be dealt with swiftly and concisely, leaving zero room, zero room, zero room, (Did I mention ZERO ROOM) for existing within the relationship. Our Bible again commands us to not let the sun go down upon your anger.

Consider this too, that sometimes we do not know we are angry till a later time, so then upon recognizing it deal with it.

Also it may be wise to seek council as to how to lovingly approach resolving any and all issues within all relationships. The goal is always to be loving, humble and not blaming or excusing our behavior or lack of it. Sometimes we withhold our love in fear from past things reoccurring or to get back at past things actual or perceived to happen to us at the hand of another.

The key is ALWAYS the same – Asking and giving forgiveness to and from all including Yahweh, others, and ourselves.

Yes I said Yahweh because we do get mad at Him and we do perceive, Him doing wrong to us. This is perception as He will never harm us, leave or forsake us and we can trust Him for He is not a man that He should lie.

Once forgiveness, grace and mercy is applied in any direction it resolves our challenge in that we are only responsible to clean our side of the street and to even attempt to clean another’s is not only wrong but it handicap’s the other.

However remember it is always right to help others that cannot help themselves.

I am not a professional nor do I claim to be. Therefore if you have something in addition to what I have shared in my experience from your experience and is not argumentative or divisive in nature you are invited to share.

Anything that is not constructive in nature will be deleted so you might reconsider wasting your valuable time in so doing.

In comparison to books I do believe my style of writing is very dense as I like to get to the point of the matter as there are so very many points that matter in so many other contexts.

When I think about my time and the lack of it in terms of so many things that could be said – well I want to be as good as a steward of your time too, so please forgive me if my direct straight forwardness is offensive to you.

Also I want to add a good friend of mine once said:

“If you take a fence, give it back cause it is not yours to take! It belongs to satin alone and why would you want to have that fence in your life anyway, when you could be free of all O fences…

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